The War Ends in a Hotel in Capri (1945)

Interview with Dr. Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, an early Nazi and German Minister of Economics and then a political prisoner of the Nazis, conducted at the Hotel Eden-Paradise, Capri, Italy: ...And then Schacht reverted to his favorite theme -- his innocence of all blame for war. "I always talked against war, and exerted all my influence in the only way I could to prevent war.  I knew what British and American industry could do.  I had seen it happen in the last war.  I knew that by blitz, we can win campaigns, but you cannot win a long war by…
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Hanging Looters in Mexico (1847)

HEADQUARTERS OF THE ARMY, JALAPA, April 30, 1847 GENERAL ORDERS No. 128 (Extract) 7.  As the season is near when the army may no longer expect to derive supplies from Vera Cruz, it must begin to look, exclusively, to the resources of the country. 8.  Those resources, far from being over-abundant, near the line of operations, would soon fail to support both the army and the population, unless they be gathered in without waste and regularly issued by the quartermasters and commissaries. 9.  Hence, they must be paid for, or the people will withhold, conceal or destroy them.  The people,…
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Report on the Morale of Forces (1968)

The morale of United States forces involved in the war in Vietnam was consistently high.  This condition could be attributed to a belief in the mission of the United States in Vietnam, pride in accomplishing this mission, esprit de corps within units, the one-year tour, and the Rest and Recuperation (R&R) Program.  The one-year tour length allowed a serviceman to know from the beginning of his tour the day he would return home.  This was considered to be the single greatest morale factor for our forces.  The R&R Program allowed each man to have one respite of five or six-day…
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