A General’s Hara-Kiri on Okinawa (1945)

(1)  The following is a report of an interrogation of a PW captured by the 7th Division : The following story of the death of Lt Gen USHIJIMA is based on an eye witness account by his cook, TETSUO NAKAMUTA, a civilian laborer conscripted in HAKTA, FUKUOKA PREFECTURE, Japan; and sent to OKINAWA as personal cook for General USHIJIMA on January 18, 1945.  The story is corroborated in detail by HACHIRO MIZOSHIMA, a civilian movie projectionist in the headquarters.  When the movie equipment was destroyed during a shelling he was employed as an orderly.  He was present at the time…
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“Tactical Victory, Strategic Defeat” (Vietnam)

One of the most frustrating aspects of the Vietnam war from the Army's point of view is that as far as logistics and tactics were concerned we succeeded in everything we set out to do.  At the height of the war the Army was able to move almost a million soldiers a year in and out of Vietnam, feed them, clothe them, house them, supply them with arms and ammunition, and generally sustain them better than any Army had ever been sustained in the field.  To project an Army of that size halfway around the world was a logistics and…
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