Too Many Heroes

I don’t understand how we could have so many heroes today. I knew a hero in the Vietnam war.  He died rescuing wounded.  I knew another in the first Gulf War.  She was killed by friendly fire.  But, today, every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine who returns from a combat zone is called a hero.  I don’t quite understand that. Audie Murphy was a hero, no question.  Ernest E. Evans of the destroyer USS Johnston attacking a Japanese battle fleet was a hero.  Chuck Yeager was a hero.  So was John Basilone on Guadalcanal.  It’s great to think but hard…
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Gulf Wars

One Great War Photo for the New Year

Children at Al Tash Refugee Camp keep busy as members of the 1st Marine Division civil affairs team deliver medical supplies and water storage units to the Kurdish refugees living here May 11 . Freedom and Peace Trust of Boston, a nongovernment organization, donated the bandages, gloves and medications to the people here. (USMC photo by Cpl. Paula M. Fitzgerald)   Originally published 1 January 2014
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