That’s Why He’s Called a “Foot” Soldier (1914)

In the early morning of September 7, we had a very short march into a wood near Artonges.  Here we saw something which was not agreeable to see; many supply wagons returning hastily and in bad condition.  The drivers told us about a retreat of our troops, about heavy casualties, about a defeat, etc.  We were anxious about the battle, which we could only hear, but not see. About 8 o'clock AM, we marched to Villemoyenne and began digging in there, our front to the west.  We could not understand this situation because to date we had been driving the…
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The Soldier as Pack Animal (1907)

Excepting the knapsack, which is too rigid, the equipments are generally good, but the necessity for adding a heavy pair of shoes to the already weighty load carried by the infantryman is not seen.  The inconveniences caused by an occasaional broken shoe are of infinitely less importance than those resulting frm loading hundreds of men with unnecessary weight.  It should be the duty of the supply and transport departments, or, in our service, of the Quartermaster Department, to provide the shoes when needed.  The weight to be placed on our men deserves the most careful consideration, espeically as modern battle…
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