De-gassing the Trenches (1918)

METHOD OF USING CANVAS TRENCH FANS 86. (a) CLEARING fan blade is placed on the ground with the brace side downwards, the man using it being in a slightly crouching position with the left foot advanced, the right hand grasping the handle at the neck and the left hand near the butt end.  The fan is brought up quickly over the right shoulder, and then smartly flicked to the ground.  This drives a current of air along the earth and, on the top strokes, throws the gas out of the trench.  The part of the fan blade nearest the handle…
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Rescue by Periscope, How to (1945)

7.  SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: …c.  Where a submarine is unable to approach a survivor on the surface because of the proximity of enemy shore batteries or strafing by enemy planes, the submarine may attempt to pick up the survivor by approaching submerged and towing him by periscope to a position where it can surface. The submarine should perform the operation at not more than three knots. It should approach the survivor from upwind and, if possible, on such a course that the survivor will not be towed closer to the enemy shore before the retirement course is set. In the early…
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