Attack by Moonlight (1918)

COMPANY “L,” SIXTEENTH INFANTRY IN THE AISNE-MARNE OFFENSIVE JULY 18-25, 1918 (Personal Experience)   MAJOR FRED M. LOGAN, INFANTRY First Division                Again the silent, determined columns moved forward—but, now, with an animated resolution of purpose which could not be denied—even by all Germanic resources which had held the upper hand against the world for four years. Down into the ravine of Coeuvres midst an intensive artillery counterpreparation methodically and instantly placed by the thorough opponent; past high-walled gardens, whose walls were crumbling under the intensity of the heavy shelling; over the little stream, so full of…
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Tank Raid for Corned-Beef

OPERATIONS OF THE WESTERN DETACHMENT 1ST BRIGADE, TANK CORPS (US) SEPTEMBER 26 - OCTOBER 11, 1918. (PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) By Captain Thomas C. Brown ...As we left the forest and started east we seemed to be passing through all of the machine guns and anti-tank guns that had been kicked out of Montblainville.  They peppered us from all sides with their small stuff, adding a big "wham" every so often from their wicked 16mm anti-tank gun.  This gun was very effective and would penetrate tank armor very easily with a normal impact.  The fact that the gun was about as dangerous…
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