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The Joys of Camp Life in ’62

One day a man with very strong anti-Union sentiments was caught putting a villainous compound into the spring from whence the regiment obtained drinking-water.  On being remonstrated with, he said he meant to poison the – Yankees! After shaving his head and applying molasses and flour, the men amused themselves by chasing the poor wretch back across the bridge into Washington. “A stalwart female," says Lieutenant Bemis, "…dressed in gaudy attire, with rounded skirts, made frequent trips from Georgetown to our camp across the Aqueduct bridge.  She was allowed to pass several times unmolested, when a suspicion arose that there…
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Letter to a Soldier (1863)

MARSHALL, MADISON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA July 20, 1863. REVIS: DEAR HUSBAND: I seat myself to drop you a few lines to let you know that me and Sally is well as common, and I hope these few lines will come to hand and find you well and doing well. I have no news to write to you at this, only I am done laying by my corn. I worked it all four times. My wheat is good; my oats is good. I haven’t got my wheat stacked yet. My oats I have got part of them cut, and Tom Hunter…
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