Today is June 6 and So What?

It’s June 6 and no one’s noticed. I see nothing about the date in newspapers or on TV or the net. Seventy-one years ago this day marked the beginning of the end of the colossal world war against fascism and imperialism, the Second World War. We Americans fought in that war beside Allies who, like us, knew that to lose the war was to lose everything we had and maybe everything we hoped for ourselves. We fought for our lives against two gigantic evils, fascism in Europe and imperialism in the Pacific. Against enemies who were better prepared for war,…
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Gulf Wars

One Great War Photo for the New Year

Children at Al Tash Refugee Camp keep busy as members of the 1st Marine Division civil affairs team deliver medical supplies and water storage units to the Kurdish refugees living here May 11 . Freedom and Peace Trust of Boston, a nongovernment organization, donated the bandages, gloves and medications to the people here. (USMC photo by Cpl. Paula M. Fitzgerald)   Originally published 1 January 2014
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